Our Mission:

Give Back

To the Planet and People

A For-Profit, Mission Driven, Online Children’s Resale Boutique striving to keep clothing out of the landfill by ReSelling, ReUsing, and RePurposing.

Using a portion of profits to aid in providing necessary items and services for those living in Poverty and Homelessness.


Our Mission

Environmental Impact Mission:

To reduce textile waste with a focus on recycling, reusing, and offering durable textiles that are ethically made.

Social Impact Mission:

To provide clothing and goods to people living in poverty and homelessness - free of charge.

Allocating a portion of funds from sales, to grassroots programs whose mission is to help create safe environments and futures for people living in poverty and homelessness.


Who We Support

While there are so many great charities out there who are doing wonderful work, it is our mission to support the smaller grassroots organizations that are literally started by a single individual with an idea to spread kindness and compassion.

Homeless Hookup CLE is a non-profit organization founded by Dean Roff of Cleveland, Ohio. Being homeless himself at one time, Dean can empathize with those living in poverty and homelessness more than the average person. His passion and compassion bursts through the screen in the Facebook LIVE feeds that you can find on his organization’s page (https://www.facebook.com/Homeless-Hookup-CLE-151072752291660) where he literally takes your donations to the streets - directly to the people in need.


Britt’s Bags

Brittanica Myers started “Britt’s Bags” as a way to feed the homeless community of Pittsburgh, Pa. She has been generously doing this through her own means. When we heard of her kindness, we knew right away that we wanted to offer our support.